Pokkaloh final version

2016-09-20 15:10:08 by pokkaloh

Pokkaloh final version is out for patrons : https://www.patreon.com/posts/pokkaloh-1-0-6812462

I've released 0.9.7 here for the public : http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/681430


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2016-10-30 09:40:02

How can i save my game in the Final Version?
By the old Versions i must only go to my Bed and on the next Day when i Played the Game i have the Option Load Save.
In the Final Version i dont become the Option Load Save i can only do new game and load a custom save game.
Please somebody help me i cant play the game in one row and at one day because i dont have soooooo much time

pokkaloh responds:

You have to load an exported save game, check out my blog to find how : pokkaloh.tumblr.com/faq


2016-11-20 22:37:39

Will you make a new game?
This one is incredible and I'm sure that there will be plenty of suggestions or make one similar to Pokkaloh!

pokkaloh responds:

Yep, there is a demo of my new game on patreon but it's not really similar to pokkaloh


2017-02-07 05:00:33

Mate, You have just made my dream come true.

An island inhabited by woman only? Woman that will love and adore you? A spa where you can change gender and visit the woman's bath? You are a genius!!

Are you ever going to make anything similar? If you ever do, go on Patreon and I will be the first to subscribe.

I have never seen any game like this before. So Genuine!!

pokkaloh responds:

ahah, pokkaloh was entirely financed through patreon.
It will be the same for my new game Mozzoloh. However, it's not really similar to Pokkaloh


2017-02-11 14:18:08

You've seen your art piece carried out to it's perfection. What now lies beyond the horizon for your talents? Or was this,... the sum of your efforts, the only thing truly worthy of your talents? We, the eager public, look forward to your return this summer. May you always be active in which ever means you choose.

pokkaloh responds:

Thanks, pokkaloh is far from perfect though...


2017-02-25 22:07:08

hey dude, Love the game.
Question though: Is there a hint you can drop on getting the final scene, or was that an afterthought?

pokkaloh responds:

I think you told me you found the solution yourself but for those who are looking for an answer, you need to woo every character on the island for the demoness to appear.