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2017-09-14 09:17:23 by pokkaloh

I've released the new version of Mozzoloh to the public here :


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2017-09-18 17:43:45

Just a suggestion of mine. I was told by you that there is not much grinding in this game. And maybe I was just unlucky with what I got in the chests, cause it took me very long to get equipment with any synergy. So I think it would be cool if certain equipment has a higher drop chance in certain areas. And that the areas get harder the higher your own level is and that you only get higher uzpgraded stuff if you're higher lvl. That way I can search for specific equipment and not grind and not get anything useful out of it.

Also. I feel like the shopis the only thing really bad about this game. The above issue is easily solved by grinding a little bit but the shop... it is just to random. Like one day it has something I definitely want but I am missing a little gold. Next day I have that gold but the item is gone and never there anymore for like 20 ingame days. I mean, something like placing orders in the shop could be cool. Or, paying the shopkeeper to keep certain items in the shop.
Like: I give you 500 Gold so you always keep fire related items when you can.
That way you can pay to customize the shop to better suit your build. Because I just felt like I am getting ALL the battleaxes that I did not want to use over and over again but not a single thunder staff in hours.

Over all still a very good game. Just the shop needs tweaking. But this is an early version anyways so I hope you just take this into consideration. Keep up the work.

pokkaloh responds:

Well you're definitely not the only one who complain about the grind. It's the most recurring complaint I think
I'll change the item in chest in the slime world and maybe weaken a little the enemies as well.
Yep, in next version the shop will allow the player to keep some items aside. And it will have more weapons so that there is a higher chance it have what you want.
Thanks for your review